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Americana for Women.

Our all new PreMade Jays Americana, for slim shoes and loafers.

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Americana for Men.

Our PreMade Americana line is also available for men. 

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Legacy Jays PreMade.


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We use only the best materials in the industry. From top quality neoprene, homopolymer plastics, to genuine leather.

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If you are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund your purchase for up to 60 days!

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We guarantee you'll pay less than what your podiatrist will ask of you.


I have flat feet, literally no arch, and if I spend a lot of time standing or walking during the day, I get fairly severe pain all over my feet. I have tried Dr. Scholl's insoles to alleviate my pain to no avail, but after putting these Jays orthotics in my shoes, I noticed immediate improvement and relief for my feet pain. I can stand and walk around for a lot longer.


As a doctor on their feet during call or rounds, Jays helped me push further the extra mile during my residency. Thank you!

Dr. Gao, resident MD

I use the legacy jays in sneakers and casual shoes I wear to work. I’ve used various brands of insoles for years and these are definitely superior... they are more rigid so you really feel the support, not just thin cushion like some insoles. Highly recommend.

M. Linkens

What is our legacy?

We want to be with you every step of the way, without you having to think about us. When things just work, you hardly think about it. As soon as these fall inside your shoes, we hope to support you without you having to ever worry about your wallet or your feet.