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by Gwang Lee •

Cheap Insole Pros and Cons

I have in front of me an insole you can buy on amazon for $15.  This thing is great...for it's price point. I'd suggest this for someone who wants a quick fix. This would be my equivalent to a bandaid; temporary, effective, and gets the job done. I'd suggest this 100x over a Dr. Scholls.  Why? Because This is an insole, which is a piece of thick EVA (same foam material that we used to play on as kids) and some great cotton/nylon blend on top.  I just spoke with a good friend of mine who's a fireman. He told me sometimes his gear can get up to 100 lbs, which does some real damage to his knees and back. I can't imagine trying to carry a small human being around as I face fire. An insole like this may last maybe a month with heavy use.  An orthotic like Jays may least a season...3-5 months with heavy use.  I'm just being honest. You can spend $15 on a great piece of cushion, or you can spend $40 on Jays that'll last 3x longer, or longer depending on how much you use them. Ultimately, you're paying for functionality and the plastic shell. You see, most insoles will do a great job for you. But again, will you pay $15 (or $30 for Dr Scholls) for something that will do a great job in the first couple weeks but break down, or something that'll last a bit longer? It depends. If you're making $12/hr, have bills, have a kid, and are trying to get by, that $15 insole will look mighty good, and I'd say go for it, especially if you're in a warehouse working crazy hours.  But if you want to buy something that'll last, check us out. We design these to help you, and it'd be our honor to do so, our legacy.