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$500 Custom Orthotics or $40 over the counter insoles?

by Gwang Lee |

Expensive Custom Orthotics


It's easy to bash on expensive custom orthotics. My father used to make a bunch of them for podiatrists, and they would go around and upmarket them like crazy.


The truth is though, there is a place for custom orthotics. They work when you want to a built in met pad with a built in heel pad and maybe some varus wedge for pronation. It helps when you have extreme plantar fasciitis as a deep groove can be cut out along the medial arch. Custom orthotics can also include amazing flanges and cutouts that offload more pressure.


But unless your feet have caused you extreme pain under one specific area, most people go to a Dr. Scholl's because no one wants to shell out $500 for a custom orthotic.


But here's the sad part: Dr Scholls is also a scam...well kind of. Dr. Scholl's is great at cushioning your foot. And if you have 100 million hard working Americans who are on their feet all day, good chance it'll help a couple of million.


But if you have another 50 million who are dissatisfied with Dr. Scholls, you'll want to look for better alternatives to orthotics.


Enter Amazon!


We have listed our products on Amazon. 


Now there are also another 3 dozen pages of products on Amazon of insole orthotics. I know because I've bought a dozen of the top selling ones. Some work, some don't. Some feel great, some are modified Dr. Scholls. 


When you're buying 10 pairs of different over the counter insole orthotics, you're spending anywhere between 200-400 dollars over the course of the year or two you buy them. Out of the 10, some will work, some won't.


I'm here to tell you that you should check out 3 main brands:
1. Superfeet. They're great. They feel good, and will last. However, their arch support is just cushion...and cheap cushion at that. They don't have an actual shell in their main green line; it's more like a cardboard type of fabric.
insole orthotics
2. Powersteps. Great design, good shell, poor fabrics. These will feel great because of their shell. However, the fabrics might start to fall apart.
insole orthotics
3. Soles. These also feel great, and would be my highest recommendation out of the 3. Great shell, great fabrics.
insole orthotics

Why would I recommend competitors insoles?

Regardless of whether you buy mine or theirs, the bottom line is that your feet hurt and you need to work. The more you work, the better for the economy.
I've taken the best elements from all 3 and avoided the bad elements and designed my Jays Insole Orthotics.
Happy Shopping! I hope I helped save you some money and expensive mistakes.
Remember, there is a place for custom orthotics. But spend $50 dollars before you spend $500.  
jays insole orthotics