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by Gwang Lee |

podiatrist and expensive orthotics insoles custom

Doctors are a necessary evil. You can't live without them. But you can't stand them.

At least until you meet a great one.

Most doctors are in it for the money--they started out with grandeur dreams and then they were immediately drowned out by $200,000-$400,000 in accruing debt. Then they were forced to follow policy and procedure, and to start checking off boxes as to what must be done.

Essentially, robots.

They're really smart robots. And some not so.

But that's besides the point.

The point here is that podiatrist are necessary, but not always.

So next time a podiatrist tells you to pay $500 for a custom orthotic, ask first if they have a prefab, or an over the counter they can recommend first.

If they say no, you need a custom orthotic, I'd say run away.

In my last blog post I published a few hours ago, I recommended 3 other competitor prefabs you should check out. 

Buy all 3. Buy mine. Buy just one of them. See if they help. If they do, stay with the prefab insole orthotics. 

If they don't, then find another podiatrist who won't ask to charge your card for what you probably spent 10-20 hours working to afford. 

Or buy custom orthotics from us for a fraction of the cost.