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DON'T Buy Custom Orthotics...Yet | Try Your Over the Counter Orthotics and Save

by Gwang Lee |

custom orthotics

Everyone knows the insane costs of custom orthotics. They either range from a lofty $700 to a still ridiculous $300. As someone in the industry who makes custom orthotics for podiatrist, I can tell you straight out that the cost to make them is a fraction of what they are charging. 

Now doctors of course add additional markups for casting, for billing, for overhead, etc. 

I get it.

But ultimately, it's to help you, the patient.

A custom orthotic is great at achieving a very specific set of things. From offloading, to general support, a custom orthotic will achieve wonders if your foot has very specific pain. Pads, cutouts, extensions, etc. When it's built into the orthotic itself, it not only lasts longer, but can achieve a lot more than just you sticking on pads.

But here's the catch--you can just stick on pads. You can just buy regular insoles/orthotics. 

If your feet aren't in sharp pain, generally caused by plantar fasciitis, or if your feet aren't compromised due to extreme over pronation, most likely, you have general mid foot pain, heel pain, or under the ball of your feet pain.

Don't use custom orthotics first. 

ALWAYS use over the counter FIRST.

We designed our Jays insoles with 2 very specific things in mind:

1) Achieve 80% of what custom orthotics do

2) Be as close as possible in quality to custom orthotics. 

I can dare you to buy $500 custom orthotics, and then compare them to ours.

You'll find that they have some sort of semi-flexible plastic shell, and a bunch of cushion supports at the heel or under the arch. 

It really looks like it was designed in the 80s. Because it was.

Custom orthotics haven't changed in designs, and many changes are generally gimmicks to make you feel like you're getting more.

What you really need is a good semi-rigid shell, solid top cover fabric, and great materials that'll last, like our suede bottoms. 

If you've already bought custom orthotics, Jays is really a great place to start if you've found that they don't work. Some of our competitors are amazing as well. But I can argue that they don't look as good as ours either.

But that's subjective and I'll lose my credibility as soon as I say that it'll make you feel better because of the sexy design. But would you believe me on everything else I said?

We're offering great discounts for our first 1,000 pairs. Shoot us an email at for a 20% discount off of our Amazon listings. Just leave a 5 star review if you like it!


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